Farm to Feast Dinner Menu

Hors d’oeuvres

Crave Brothers Cheese & Salvatore’s Artisan Cured Charcuterie Board with accompaniments

Spring pea pancakes with preserved meyer lemon, crème fraiche, smoked whitefish, chive and pea tendril

Spring Gnudi with crispy shiitake, cilantro pesto, guanciale

Spring Rolls  with spot prawn, pickled fresno peppers, black garlic sauce, beauty heart radish, tobiko, cilantro

Dinner with wine pairings

First Course:

Caprese Salad with parmesan crisp, olive oil, fresh tomatoes, balsamic, basil, fresh mozzarella.

Second Course:

Smoked Italian Porchetta with salsa verde

Grilled fingerling potatoes with Caesar dressing, fresh dill

Grilled asparagus, parmesan, lemon, soft cooked egg

Roasted farro, risotto style with fresh cream, pecora nociolo, carrot, spinach, mushroom

Dessert & Coffee

Lemon mascarpone tarts with a sugar crust

Peanut butter mascarpone tarts with a peanut butter crust

Chocolate mascarpone bars

* Some items and preparations subject to change due to seasonal availability.

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